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Question: Which of the following trigonometric expressions is equal to sec6 θ ?
A.tan6 θ+3 tan2 θ sec2 θ+1
B.tan6 θ−3 tan2 θ sec2 θ+1
C.tan6 θ−1
D.tan6 θ+1
Answer: Option A
: A








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Question 1. sin18cos72=

: sin18cos72
=cos72cos72=1 as sin(90A)=cosA
Question 2. (1+tanθ+secθ)(1+cotθcosecθ)=

: C

Question 3. If cos 3θ=32, 0° < 3θ < 90°, then find the value of θ.
  1.    15° 
  2.    10°
  3.    0°
  4.    12°
Answer: Option B
: B

Given: cos3θ=32
We know that cos30=32
Comparing the two we get,
3θ=30.... (given0 < 3θ < 90)
Question 4. (1+tanA tanB)2+(tanA  tanB)2sec2A sec2B= ___
  1.    1
  2.    -tan A
  3.    2
  4.    cot A
Answer: Option A
: A

(1+tan A tan B)2+(tan A-tan B)2sec2Asec2B

=1+2tan A tan B+tan2Atan2B+tan2A2tan A tan B+tan2Bsec2Asec2B






Question 5. If x=a cosec θ and y=b cot θ, then which of the following equations is true ?
  1.    x2−y2=a2−b2
  2.    x2a2−y2b2=1
  3.    x2+y2=a2+b2
  4.    x2a2+y2b2=1
Answer: Option B
: B

x=acosecθxa=cosecθ.....(1) y=bcotθyb=cotθ.....(2) Squaring the equations and subtracting (2) from (1) we get, x2a2y2b2=cosec2θcot2θ x2a2y2b2=1....(1+cot2θ=cosec2θ)

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