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Question: Mention two functions of iodine in the body. [2 MARKS]

: 1 Mark each

Iodine helps the body by enabling

1. Proper functioning of thyroid gland
2. Normal body growth.

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Question 1. What are the major nutrients present in our food? [1 MARK]

: The main nutrients that we get from our food are carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.
Question 2. Mention the source of each vitamin mentioned below. [5 MARKS]

VitaminVitamin AVitamin B1Vitamin CVitamin DVitamin K

: Source of vitamin: 1 Mark each
VitaminSourceVitamin ACarrotsVitamin B1BeansVitamin COrangesVitamin DMilkVitamin KFish Oil
Question 3. How does potassium help the body? Name one food item which is rich in potassium. [3 MARKS]

: Functions: 1 Mark each
Food Item: 1 Mark

Potassium helps the body with
1.Formation of new cells.
2. Transportation of nerve impulses in the body.

Foods rich in potassium: Bananas, avocados and fish.

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