Lakshya Education MCQs

Question: Fill in the blank with the correct option.

Answer: Option A
: A

Vultures feed on dead and decayingplants and animals. Animals feeding on dead animalsfall under the category of scavengers.

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Question 1. The body of a bird is shaped like a boat to help them:
  1.    fly in the air
  2.    climb on the trees
  3.    walk on the land
  4.    float in the water
Answer: Option A
: A

The boat-shaped body helps birds while flying in the air.

They have wings made up of feathers and strong bones which also help them in flying.
Question 2. Sloths are found in a/an ___ habitat.
  1.    arboreal
  2.    aquatic
  3.    aerial
  4.    terrestrial
Answer: Option A
: A

Sloths are slow mammals which spendmost of theirlife on tree-tops. Animals living on trees are called arboreal animals. Sloths live in arboreal habitat.
Question 3. Select the parasite that also feeds on blood.
  1.    Hyenas
  2.    Leeches
  3.    Amoeba
  4.    Frog
Answer: Option B
: B

Out of the options, leeches are parasites. They feed on the blood of host body.
Question 4. ____ are animals that feed on both plants and animals.
  1.    Carnivores
  2.    Omnivores
  3.    Herbivores
  4.    Scavengers
Answer: Option B
: B

Omnivores are the type of animals that can feed on animals as well as plants for their survival.

Crows and bears are examples of omnivores.

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