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Question: Chalukya ruler, Pulakesin II defeated
A.Chandragupta II
Answer: Option B
: B

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Question 1. The great scholar, Banabhatta, lived during the reign of
  1.    Chandragupta II
  2.    Ashoka
  3.    Kanishka
  4.    Harsha
Answer: Option D
: D

Question 2. King Harshavardhana lived in
  1.    2nd century A.D
  2.    7th century B.C.
  3.    2nd century B.C.
  4.    7th century A.D.
Answer: Option D
: D

Question 3. Who amongst the following kings defeated Harsha's army on the bank of river Narmada?
  1.    RajendraChola
  2.    Pulakesin II
  3.    Krishnadeva Raya
  4.    Rajendra I
Answer: Option B
: B

Question 4. Name the great Hindu King who combined in himself the qualities of Samudragupta and Ashoka?
  1.    Harshavardhana
  2.    Chandragupta II
  3.    Kanishka
  4.    Chandragupta I
Answer: Option A
: A

Question 5. Harsha wrote
  1.    Kadambari
  2.    Meghasandesam
  3.    Ratnavali
  4.    Raghuvamsa
Answer: Option C
: C

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